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leonardo watch
leonardo watch

Blood Blockade BattleFront 

This one of a kind funny interesting anime. LOL. 😀

Our ordinary but not so ordinary main protagonist Leonardo Watch and Libra (the secret society Superman) . xD

This anime will take you to another place with many different characters that will make you curious and interested every episode. ^O^

The plot also is nice, I don’t know where and what will happen next.

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Baby Steps to Giant Strides – Baby Steps S2

baby steps


 Even though the OPENING song still the same. This anime song always get me.


Only you can tell that you’ve done everything you can.

So don’t lie to yourself;

Don’t cheat to yourself;

Rather than comparing yourself to others

become someone YOU CAN PROUD OF.

Today, I lived without giving up in MYSELF.

I’ll spend the rest of my life PRAISING TODAY.

Even if you know the going’s gonna get TOUGH.


The one to be REWARDED IS YOU….



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Death Parade 12

One of the best anime out there.
That’s all I can say.

Dang-Tran Dynasty

This is it. The final episode, and the first series I will fully cover with episodic posts. Episode 11 was visually impressive and built the conflict well, finally showing us the past of Chiyuki, yet another victim of suicide. What caused her to do such an act was not that she was unable to ice skate anymore, but that she came to the conclusion that humans have an inability to understand one another. After having gone through such tribulations of losing the one thing Chiyuki dedicated her life to, she became disconnected from those around her. I find it hard to reach the same idea as her personally, but I can see it happening. Chiyuki’s story brings out the empathy within Decim and now as an arbiter, he truly wishes to understand who he is judging.


01:09 – I always thought that Nona was previously an arbiter. How could she…

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