Kyoukai no Rinne Anime

Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 1

kyoukai no rinne new anime

One of the new anime this Spring 2015.

Our protagonist Rokudou Rinne a “Shinigami or something like that” he said. ” LOL. haha.

Rinne Rokudou, Rinne anime
Poor Rokudou-kun. xD

A poor hero of the dead. And Mamiya Sakura to the rescue when it comes to money (fare).

mamiya sakura
mamiya sakura

This anime is like a breather for me, a cute, funny anime compared to the other new anime with an intense plot like killing each other plot but i think in some point this anime has it but in a cute way . xD

with the same author of INUYASHA and RANMA 1/2 – Takahashi Rumiko-sensei

The Animation is nice too.


To know more please watch the Anime or read the Manga. 😀



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